Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proto-Type Presentation


Here is a link to the Power Point presentation for your viewing pleasure, make sure you adjust your audio or you will miss out on the full experience.

QuickTime movie of the Presentation

Runs kinda fast, please use the pause button, sorry about that. (PowerPoint is new to me. TA)

Thursday, April 13, 2006



Here's some work in progress. We're sorting out the audio amp, and selecting microphones. Looks like a big jumble right now, but we hope to squeeze it down to fit inside our prototype.

3D model ready to print


Here is an exploded view of our 3D model. The gray parts are the housing, which in the real world would be injected-molded ABS. The screw holes are there for prototyping purposes, as the ears will undoubtedly be repeatedly cracked open. The purple-y blue part on the far right is the speaker, the green part is the amp, the yellow part is a 9 volt cell, and the violet part is the mic.